Why Unlock?

There are many benefits to unlocking your Phone

Network freedom is the primary reason to unlock, but money savings and increasing the value of your handset are also great incentives, see the full list of benefits below :)


Save Money & use your phone while traveling!

Unlocking your Phone allows you to use it's full network capabilities.  Enabling you to use your Phone in any country around the world at greater financial savings.  An unlocked Phone allows you to use it with a SIM card from any GSM network.  By opening up your Phone to other networks, you can take advantage of cheaper cellphone rates from locally competing networks at home or while abroad, drastically cutting down on the cost of roaming charges, etc.


Increased Resale Value

If you decide to sell your Phone, you will find that an unlocked one is up to 300% more valuable than a locked one.  Offering a handset that is unlocked and completely free of restrictions will be far more appealing to potential buyers as they will instantly be able to use their existing SIM card or one from their chosen carrier.  Be assured the unlocking process is a simple and safe one. There is no technical knowledge required, and our user friendly and comprehensive instructions guide you smoothly through the process.


Additional Phone Features

An unlocked Phone can use a dual SIM adapter. This enables your Phone to accommodate two SIM cards so you don't have to physically switch from one to another. A mobile phone with dual SIM cards is great for those who frequently travel abroad or who want to separate work and leisure calls. The majority of these SIM adapters no longer require you to modify your mobile phone, and the process is as easy as switching your phone off and on again.  You can find many of these adapters in cellphone stores and on ebay.


No Risk

Unlocking your phone by Unlock Code is simple and safe. Your phone was built by the manufacturer to accept the network unlock code to unlock it's network. We provide the same unlock codes that the network does but at a much cheaper rate.  You no longer need to send your cell phone away for unlocking.  Our service will allow you to unlock your phone within a minute after receiving your unlock code, all from the comfort of your home!  Unlocking a phone is simply a process that frees your phone from carrier restraints placed on it by your provider.



Frequently Asked Questions


What does unlocking mean?

First, you should understand why phones are locked in the first place. Network providers lock phones so that that you are forced to use their network at their rates. They do this so that no other SIM cards will work in their phones and you cannot take advantage of better rates from other providers locally or while traveling.

A locked phone is subject to roaming charges when traveling.  When you unlock your phone, you are free of these restrictions. There is no more restriction placed on the phone by a network carrier and you are free to use the phone with the network of your choice simply but inserting a simcard in your phone from the network of your choice! 


Are there advantages to unlocking my Phone?

After your phone is unlocked, you're free to use any GSM network and any SIM card of your choosing.  You can insert and use SIM cards purchased while abroad and take advantage of better rates for calls, SMS and Data.  You no longer have to pay roaming charges, and you can switch back and forth between carriers/networks. Another major advantage is the increased resale value of your phone.


What is a SIM Card?

A SIM stands for a 'subscriber information module'. It is a chip inserted into a GSM handset and allows the phone to work within a given network.  It identifies who you are, knows to send calls to you when your number is dialed and also controls your calling rates according to your contract or pay-as-you go carrier plan.


Is your unlocking guaranteed?

Yes!  We 100% Guarantee to Unlock your Phone or your money back! To keep scammers away video proof will be requested-  see our guarantees here



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept any major credit card/paypal/Bitcoins 



How do I know if my Phone is locked or not?

That's a simple one. Just borrow a SIM card from a friend that uses a different network than you and try it in your Phone. If the phone works, your phone is unlocked.  If you get an error message and it doesn't accept the simcard, it means that your phone is locked and you need to unlock it.


Do I have to unlock my phone every time I change SIM cards?

No. Once unlocked, your phone stays unlocked.


Can unlocking harm my phone?

No. Unlocking simply removes the network and SIM locks imposed by your network carrier. You have 3 to 5 tries on most phones to enter an unlock code incorrectly before it no longer accepts an unlock code.  So if you are unlocking and your code doesn't work(extremely rare), just email us and we will re-verify it for you, no problem.


What is an IMEI#?

The IMEI# is your Phones 15 to 17 digit serial #.  It is used to process your Unlock Code.


How do I find my IMEI#?

Your Phones IMEI# can be found 3 ways

Press *#06# on your keypad  -  Look at the IMEI# on the back of your phone -  Go to Settings -> About on your Phone


How much technical knowledge do I need to unlock my phone?

None at all. The instructions are easy to follow and simply require that you be able to punch in a few numbers on your Phone's keypad, If you can dial a number, you can unlock your phone using our unlock code!  You can view our video tutorials or customer unlocking videos to see just how easy it is.



If you have any other questions about unlocking your phone feel free to contact us :)